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Bubble Wrap


2-D Work


3-D Work



Bubble wrap

Acrylic/ permanent markers on bubble wrap

1' x 6-9'panels

2-D Work
drawing/ Painting

graphite on paper

acrylic on canvas

ink and pencil panels on paper, mylar, transparencies mounted on plexiglass

ink on paper


3-D Work

Rock Resonance
Aspects of Sound in Art workshop at CCRMA, 2014
plexiglass, wood, metal and other scraps

Whistling Tree
sound sculpture with piezo elements



I met performance artist Kale Roberts at the Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency #162, and created this 6-minute track using recordings of his voice and the sound of his manipulation of a giant vehicle tire. 

Since then, Kale and I have been continuing to collaborate. So, more to come!